A bridge that connects cultures

DNA Media is implicitly trusted by some of the most prestigious businesses on the planet. Established in June of 1999 as a joint venture with DNA Media Services of Canada, we possess some 22 years of history that has come about through the great support that we have received from numerous clients.

Expanding business throughout Asia

Asian Business

In Southeast Asia, we have created a number of offshoots to our business activities including KOKORIZE Myanmar and DNA Vietnam. In the countries where we operate, DNA Media offers a variety of support to clients including the arranging of business tours, the conducting of marketing research, and various language services including interpretation and translation, etc. Additionally, we enjoy enhanced tie-ups with JAPO Myanmar and JAPO Vietnam, two locally-based media companies whose business is the dissemination of Japan-focused content. Via such cooperation, we provide our clients with wide-ranging backup.


DNA Media also enjoys an extensive tie-up with JAPO Myanmar, a locally-based media company that disseminates a wide variety of Japan-focused content. With articles written in the local language, JAPO Myanmar enjoys in excess of 1,000,000-page views each month on its website, the domain being a hot property that is closely followed by many. The firm also conducts a range of marketing research surveys within Myanmar, as well as it working to assist its Japanese clients with the executing of tie-ups.

A provider of high-quality translations

Language Consulting

Within DNA Media’s language consulting business, rather than merely translating source text to its approximate equivalent, in each target language we aim to achieve translations that are readily understandable, impactful and easily appreciated. What is more, within our company ranks, we have translators and quality-assurance specialists who boast linguistic, expressive and research skills of the first order.

DNA Media is implicitly trusted by numerous global IT companies including Microsoft. What is more, we are the only language services vendor in Japan that has realized the provision of high-quality Transcreation services, that go well beyond simple translation. What underpins those services are our unique quality-assurance processes.

We are able to handle the following languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Burmese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Hindi, French, German, Italian and Spanish, etc.
*Please feel free to inquire regarding other languages.

A localizer of e-learning tools

Content Creation

Numerous IT companies and multinational businesses want to produce multilingual e-learning content. Concerning such content which represents a vital tool when attempting to educate business partners, DNA Media can handle everything from resource-translation through to the conducting of systems integration tasks.

In the 21st Century, numerous digital technologies have already appeared. The reworking of culture into new forms has also occurred through the matching of such technologies and content. A result of that, in turn, has been the synthesis of new expressive forms and as yet unseen sensitivities. It is through our belief in such developments that DNA Media finds itself where it is today. In the future as well, as a firm we shall continue to provide customers with surprising and shareable creativity that leverages amalgamations of the latest technologies and content. By doing so, we shall build on our existing extensive track record in the following creative categories:

  • Website production
  • TV program production
  • Promotional video production
  • Narration services
  • Book editing
  • Corporate brochure creation
  • E-learning content creation
  • Sales-promotion material creation