Localization (multilingual translation)

From both around the world and into Japan, and from within Japan to foreign shores, here at DNA Media K.K., we take pride in supporting multinational businesses in their globalization efforts.

Rather than simply translating source texts into approximate equivalents within each target language, using an approach known as “Transcreation,” at DNA Media K.K. we constantly endeavor to create impactful copy that can be readily understood by one-and-all. Obviously, a prerequisite for competent translation is possessing the language skills that are required to accurately grasp and appreciate the meaning of source texts. Concurrently, what is also imperative for translators is that they can eloquently express themselves in their target languages.

Research is another basic skill of the competent translator. So that the best terminology is leveraged in each and every instance, translators must be willing to sift through a wealth of material so as to always identify and utilize the most fitting terms and phrases. Here at DNA Media K.K., we have gathered together a team of translators and quality-assurance specialists who excel in such tasks.

We are able to handle the following languages: English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Hindi, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Swedish, Latvian, Japanese and so on.
*Please feel free to make inquiries regarding other languages.

Infographics I

Infographics I
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Infographics II

Infographics II
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Digital content creation

Having initially appeared at the end of the 20th century, digital technology has continued to transform itself in the new millennium as well. When combined with content, it has given birth to previously-absent expressionism, which in turn has contributed to a nurturing of new emotions. DNA Media K.K. has readily embraced such developments and has endeavored to push the application of digital technology further forward.

How can we add a new dimension to the manner in which content is presented? How can we express content in ways that better engage with users? How can we serve as a bridge that helps connect the cultures of the world? While considering such conceptual questions, DNA Media K.K. develops detailed solutions. Over the years, our activities have evolved greatly from our early work which was undertaken within the DVD, web content and e-Book technology domains, to current projects that encompass the development of cross-media solutions as well. Going forward, by combining the latest technology and content formats together, we shall continue to create works that are capable of sharing with users a common sense of surprise and emotion.

The following are but a few examples of our projects to date.

1. DVD-ROM: “Musée du Louvre: A Stroll through a Museum of the Imagination” (published by Shogakukan, Inc.)
2. Web Content: “Networking with Creatures of the Land and Sea” (published by Shogakukan, Inc.)
3. Web Content: “Hiroshi Aramata’s New Museum of the Imagination” (published by NetAdvance, Inc.)
4. DVD-Video: “The World of Nature Library” (published by Shogakukan, Inc.) (DNA Media K.K. created all 14 volumes in the series.)
5. DVD-ROM: “Metzler Musik Compendium” (published by Kyoiku Geijutsu Sha Co., Ltd.)
6. Web Content: “Product Anthology: Nippon Style” (published by NetAdvance, Inc.)
7. E-Book: “Kyo mo Neko-biyori” (for the iPhone, iPod and iPad)
 *Jointly developed with Nousite, Inc. & Ninas, Inc.
8. Web Content: “Bibliotheca Alexandrina Project” (published Shogakukan, Inc., NetAdvance, Inc., et al.)

Multilingual website development

microsoft1When expanding overseas, a multilingual website represents a very important tool in that it helps a business gain access to potential clients. By leveraging a wealth of translation and localization know-how, DNA Media K.K. helps its clients create a highly-effective web presence.

Because we possess the know-how to appreciate the specific meaning possessed by each individual piece of web content when it is viewed through the eyes of people from particular countries and regions, we are able to incorporate optimized content. This is one strength that differentiates DNA Media K.K. from its competitors.

Promotional video production

service2DNA Media K.K. can produce promotional videos for any kind of business, no matter its size. From accurately grasping the purpose of a video during the initial production phase, through to the recording of final narration sequences, we offer a one-stop service that includes content proposals, scenario creation, character casting and on-site filming activities, etc.

TV program production

service3For many years, DNA Media K.K. has proudly produced the “Lessons for Distance Education High School Students” science program broadcast on NHK E Television. Our staff members, each of whom possess a wealth of on-site experience, create the scenarios featured in the program. They are also responsible for conducting, filming and editing a wide variety of scientific experiments. In addition to helping the ever-changing lineup of TV personalities who appear on the program appreciate what is happening, our staff are capable of responding flexibly to the latest developments.

Narration services

chibori1Courtesy of our long-term involvement in video and TV program production, at DNA Media K.K., we leverage the use of both narration technologies and our extensive know-how. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with talent agencies such as Theatre Echo, who boast many well-known voice artists and narrators on their books. We have undertaken a wide range of narration projects over the years, and we are also well-versed in both voicing-over corporate promotional videos and placing narrated content on websites. We can even help clients with their multilingual translation needs and the recording of narrated content for overseas markets.

Book editing

From the initial planning and proposing of written works, through to their final editing and checking, one core strength of DNA Media K.K. is our extensive know-how with respect to all the relevant processes. Moreover, in that we also have an extensive network of authors, on many occasions we undertake the planning and editing of written works from scratch. As with localization, editing is a field in which we excel. We have an extensive track record in editing written works, one recent example being the “Japan Manga” collection, a series of books that was extensively-covered in the Japanese media when it was published in January of 2015 (published by Tokai University Press/edited by Hiroshi Aramata).

Sales-promotion material creation

chibori2We have extensive experience in creating both corporate guides for business and a wide variety of academic guides for various educational institutions. Additionally, we also possess a proud track record in the development of multilingual exhibition materials. By combining our localization know-how with the content-creation skills born from our extensive editing experience, DNA Media K.K. can equip its clients with top-quality sales-promotion and marketing tools.

E-learning content creation

service4In responding to a request from an internationally-recognized manufacturer of medical equipment, DNA Media K.K. created instructional content in Japanese for medical IT devices whose nature was highly specialized. Commencing with the translation process, we adjusted the e-learning scenario and then proceeded to record some three-and-a-half hours of highly-specialized narration. Completing the project also required the creation of web-based elements. Concurrent to this content representing an indispensable tool for its target audience in their working to acquire highly-specialized knowledge, what was created also offered very busy medical professionals a degree of invaluable support.