We have gathered together a number of questions/queries and their answers. These are the types of question that potential clients often ask DNA Media K.K. when they first approach us regarding the topics of localization and multilingual translation.

Q1.I would like to get a rough idea of pricing.

It is not possible to give an overarching response regarding pricing because the actual costs can vary depending on factors such as degrees of specialization (the necessity of specialized knowledge regarding the domain in question and factors such as specialized vocabulary, etc.), the volume of work, the desired delivery timeline and the frequency of orders, etc. Indeed, with respect to rather simple tasks, we have a solid track record in undertaking projects whose total value is as little as ¥10,000. If you would please send the question to info@dnamedia.co.jp, we can provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Q2.How quickly can you generate a cost estimate?

On average, we are able to issue a cost estimate within three business days of a project inquiry being received. However, if pressed for time, we ask that interested parties contact us by telephone, etc. Through our ability to optimize our processes with respect to each individual project, wherever possible, we try to be able to respond even when there is a large volume of requests occurring over a short period of time.

Q3.My budget is rather tight.

Through our utilization of process efficiencies, etc., it is not necessarily the case that we are unable to respond to tight budgets. However, with respect to both our translation and localization services, the policy of DNA Media K.K. is to provide clients with high-quality services at “reasonable prices,” thus satisfying their needs. We believe that the provision of high-quality services on our part can be linked to clients being able to “realize internal cost reductions.” Moreover, DNA Media K.K. is fortunate in that it possesses a premier group of translators who are capable of delivering high-quality localization services. If interest parties are merely driven by the desire to obtain translation services at the “cheapest price possible,” we would ask that they inquire to other companies.

Q4.What is the difference between high-quality translation services and cheap services?

The basic answer is the ease with which the finished translation may be read. With cheap translations, it is sometimes the case that the final text which is delivered to the client is both difficult to read and comprehend.

 Here at DNA Media K.K., in addition to having all translated texts checked by native speakers of the target language, we also employ a review process of two or more phases so as to ensure both readability and to confirm that all nuances have been accurately captured. In addition to providing clients with accuracy, we work hard to deliver translations that convey all the underlying nuances contained in source language text. Through these efforts, we are very proud that our clients have evaluated our efforts as being “indispensable when it comes to translation.”

Q5.Unfortunately, the quality of a translation done for us by another company was so poor that it could not be used. Do you offer rewriting services?

We receive many such consultations and requests. In actual fact, however, in many cases the reality is that due to the poor quality of the initial translation, rewriting what has already been done would cost between two-thirds to about the same as if the translation were to be begun again from scratch. In that as much is possible we try to accommodate client needs and work to resolve their issues, we would ask that interested parties feel free to make inquiries.

Q6.We intend to engage in business in a country where we have had no experience at all. Do you offer other forms of support in addition to translation services?

Yes, we do. Please inquire for further details. There are a range of social considerations and cultural backgrounds prevalent in different countries. Our highly experienced translators who have a deep understanding of such issues are able to support our clients with respect to such matters. Moreover, after translation has been finished we are able to offer the deliverables in more formats than simply text on paper. Indeed, we can localize videos, insert subtitles and also edit in narration segments, etc.

Q7.Can you respond with respect to the use of specialized terminology?

Yes, we can. DNA Media K.K. is fortunate to have among its client base numerous well-known international companies who require that we possess both specialized terminology and a knowledge of the specific fields in which they operate. Thus, we can offer highly-specialized translation services in a wide variety of different domains. However, with respect to certain requests, we sometimes introduce other trusted service providers who possess particular knowledge. Please feel free to inquire for further details.*Please feel free to make inquiries regarding other languages.

Q8.In what languages do you offer localization services?

We are able to handle the following languages: English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Hindi, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Croatian, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Swedish Latvian and Japanese. *Please feel free to make inquiries regarding other languages.

Please contact DNA Media K.K. by e-mail, telephone or fax if seeking cost estimates or consultations regarding our translation and localization services.

E-mail: info@dnamedia.co.jp
Telephone No.: 03-3556-0881 Fax. No.: 03-3556-0884